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Eleanor  Lowden

Artist's Statement

My passion for art is about color. I employ color to express how I feel about a subject, and my work is recognizable for the particularly vibrant palette that I choose. I simplify shapes in order to draw with my brush, and layer colors so that they glow. Much of my inspiration comes from the autumn colors which are especially brilliant in northern Ontario. I work in both watercolour and acrylic. Both mediums offer the freedom to explore colors as vibrant and exciting as my imagination.
I have been looking at our everyday life, studying relationships, as well as some of the ways we spend time day to day.
I have always been intrigued by paintings of people (daVinci, Hopper, Manet, Schiele, Picasso to name a few) I believe that there are so many stories to tell through paint, that there is a never ending well of ideas from which to draw. Paintings of people to me are the most powerful, the most well remembered in our history of art.

Featured Piece

Eleanor  Lowden Rules are Made to be Broken

Rules are Made to be Broken


Eleanor  Lowden Rules are Made to be Broken
Rules are Made to be Broken

Eleanor  Lowden A penny for your Thoughts
A penny for your thoughts

Eleanor  Lowden Don’t Stop the Carnival
Don’t Stop the Carnival

Eleanor  Lowden Let’s Give them Something to Talk About
Let’s Give them Something to Talk About

Eleanor  Lowden Look Both Ways
Look Both Ways

Eleanor  Lowden Monday Morning We Got This
Monday Morning We Got This

Eleanor  Lowden Some of Us are Dog People
Some of Us are Dog People

Eleanor  Lowden Until We Meet Again
Until We Meet Again

Eleanor  Lowden What Are We Waiting For
What Are We Waiting For

Eleanor  Lowden What are the Odds
What are the Odds




Eleanor  Lowden

Eleanor Lowden

Eleanor Lowden Biography

Eleanor began her art career while living in Toronto. She studied fine art at the University of Western Ontario, and continued her studies at the Ontario College of Art and then at the Alberta College of Art. For ten years she developed her career in Calgary under the name of Eleanor Lowden Pidgeon but has recently returned to her maiden name Eleanor Lowden, moved back to her hometown, and lives and works in midtown Toronto at her home studio. She has exhibited in group and solo shows in Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto. Her paintings have received numerous awards in many juried and non-juried shows.She continues to paint in both acrylic and watercolor and now brands herself as Eleanor Lowden. She has recently re-joined the executive of the Toronto Watercolor Society. Eleanor teaches painting workshops in both acrylic and watercolour at various venues. She has released an instructional DVD called “Courageous Watercolor”, available for purchase on her website and art supply stores.Throughout her career she has participated in various workshops and artist retreats to further her learning. Eleanor Lowden is fascinated by people. These figures provide Eleanor with an endless source of inspiration. Her work is impressionistic, vibrant and loose and captures both the extraordinary and the simple moments that make life beautiful.


Eleanor Lowden Statement

My paintings would herald the day, and honour those simple moments that we all take for granted; Walking the dog, shopping, eating, holding hands, talking on the phone, texting. I love to watch crowds of people traveling in different directions, each with their own story and body language, lost in their own thoughts, being in close proximity to people and never connecting. Or perhaps connecting, and that I find equally fascinating and inspiring. I paint with many layers of transparent acrylic, layering my colors so that they glow. I want the viewer to spend time contemplating both the painting process and the story that I am telling.

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