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Kari  Duke

Kari Duke, is a self-taught artist, living in Edmonton, Alberta in a small community near the University of Alberta. The area is surrounded by urban alleys that tend to reflect an untouched and overgrown environment.

"I find the reflections in the puddles, after a heavy rain, or the play of light on the old fences to be an exciting subject matter. The naked trees in the winter, the deep snow, and the simplicity of the old back alleys in changing seasons, is what draws me in time and time again."

Kari Duke's work is portrayed by many as romantic and reminiscent to the public of a simpler time. The colorful paintings have a fresh confident feel that captures the charm of an earlier era, and the Canadian icon aspect of her work speaks to those not only in Alberta, but all across Canada.

Featured Piece

Kari  Duke Clouds



Kari  Duke Clouds

Kari  Duke Afternoon Coffee
Afternoon Coffee

Kari  Duke David_s Creek
David's Creek

Kari  Duke Deep- Overnight Snow
Deep Overnight Snow

Kari  Duke Little studies _ 1
Little studies # 1

Kari  Duke Little studies _ 3
Little studies # 3

Kari  Duke Little studies _ 4
Little studies # 4

Kari  Duke Little studies __5
Little studies # 5

Kari  Duke Little studies _ 6
Little studies # 6

Kari  Duke Mature Garages
Mature Garages

Kari  Duke Old Strathcona _ 1
Old Strathcona # 1

Kari  Duke Old Strathcona _ 2
Old Strathcona # 2

Kari  Duke Old Strathcona _ 3
Old Strathcona # 3

Kari  Duke Old Strathcona _ 5
Old Strathcona # 5

Kari  Duke Quiet Walk in the River Valley
Quiet Walk in the River Valley

Kari  Duke River Valley Study
River Valley Study

Kari  Duke Summer Clouds
Summer Clouds

Kari  Duke Sunday Afternoon Walk
Sunday Afternoon Walk

Kari  Duke The Empty Lot
The Empty Lot

Kari  Duke Tuesday Afternoon
Tuesday Afternoon

Kari  Duke A Gentle Afternoon
A Gentle Afternoon

Kari  Duke Spring Lilacs
Spring Lilacs

Kari  Duke To My Friend_s House
To My Friend's House




Kari  Duke

Kari Duke

Kari Duke Description

Kari Duke lives in Edmonton, Alberta, in a small community surrounded by alleys all reflecting an untouched and at times over-grown environment. “I find the reflections in the puddles after a heavy rain or the play of light on the old fences to be an exciting subject”.
“The naked trees in the winter the deep snow and simplicity of the old back-alleys in changing seasons is what draws me in.br> Kari's work is portrayed by many as romantic or reminding people of a "simpler time". The Canadian icon aspect of her work speaks to those not only in Alberta but all across Canada.

Kari Duke Resumé

Exhibits: Solo Shows

1995 Upstairs Gallery, Hope, B.C.
2002 Walterdale Theatre, Edmonton, AB "Art in the Lobby"
2003 Front Gallery, Edmonton, AB "Places and Perceptions"
2004 ArtBeat Gallery, Edmonton, AB "Backlane Blues and Other Hues"
2004 Front Gallery, Edmonton, AB "Impressions and Reflections"
2006 Front Gallery, Edmonton, AB "Down the Lane"
2007 Front Gallery, Edmonton, AB "Backalleys & Rivervalley landscapes"
2007 Kensington Gallery, Calgary, AB "Pallet Expressions"
2008 Front Gallery, Edmonton AB "New Work"
2009 Avens Gallery, Canmore AB
2010 Front Gallery, Edmonton
2011 Front Gallery, Edmonton

Group Shows

2003 ArtBeat Gallery, St. Albert
2009 Collectors Gallery, Calgary AB "New Arrivals"

Published Works

2004 Cover of the "Alberta Views" magazine
2007 Cover of the "Old Strathcona Business Association Magazine"
l997, l998, Federation of Canadian Artists Magazine

1996 Federation of Canadian Artists "Small Picture Show" Honorable Mention
l998 Honorable mention Federation of Canadian Artists Fall Exhibition
2002 Painting chosen for the Michael Cuccione Foundation fundraiser

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