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Audrey  Mabee

After years of experimentation with colour and space, stirred memories and forgotten secrets, my work keeps evolving. The experiments go on, the learning continues, the style moves on.

The paintings, oil on canvas, are usually figurative....people enjoying life, pursuing their passions. The image develops out of the process, and is not fully conceived at the outset. The multiple changes each canvas is subjected to during that process is the challenge, joy and often a surprise for me. I am intrigued by the negative spaces.

My work has been influenced primarily by artists like Modigliani, with a unique drawing style. The strong colours of Hundertwasser and Matisse, the fantasies of Chagall and the exquisite patterns of Klimt have also been a major influence for me. The subjects and colours I use are chosen to make you feel good and smile when you first look at my work….if you find something in them that also makes you think and wonder, all the better.

Featured Piece

Audrey  Mabee Blue Beads

Blue Beads


Audrey  Mabee Blue Beads
Blue Beads

Audrey  Mabee Daughter of the Goddess
Daughter of the Goddess

Audrey  Mabee On Thin Ice _ 4
On Thin Ice # 4

Audrey  Mabee On Thin Ice _ 5
On Thin Ice # 5

Audrey  Mabee On Thin Ice _ 6
On Thin Ice # 6

Audrey  Mabee On Thin Ice _ 7
On Thin Ice # 7

Audrey  Mabee On Thin Ice _1
On Thin Ice #1

Audrey  Mabee On Thin Ice _3
On Thin Ice #3

Audrey  Mabee One Red Tulip
One Red Tulip

Audrey  Mabee Red Chair
Red Chair

Audrey  Mabee Yellow Chair
Yellow Chair

Audrey  Mabee The Gift
The Gift

Audrey  Mabee The Parson_s Daughter
The Parson's Daughter




Audrey  Mabee

Audrey Mabee

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