Ian Sheldon: Finding Space

13 November - 4 December 2020

Ian Sheldon leverages his diversity of medium and subject with a passion for geographical exploration to create ethereal, wide horizon and big sky paintngs that explore a deeper sense of place and colour.

Seduced continually by his surroundings, Ian Sheldon creates works that magnify the ever-changing nature of the landscapes he paints. Masterfully capturing the breakthrough light and solemnity of a storm, Sheldon combines vibrant landscapes with intensely shadowed skylines, expanding on themes of emergence, healing, and unexpected release.


Constantly inspired by his surroundings, Sheldon, whose artist endeavours are as ever changing as the landscapes he paints, maintains a profound respect for an openness to viewers' reachings and interpretations of art generating complex, internal narratives through the presentation of hue, motif and subject matter.