Barbara Amos : The Twilight Series

28 February - 16 March 2019
A R T I S T  S T A T E M E N T
"These twilight paintings are about our place in nature in a time of change.  Each painting has a reference to human activity. Our landscapes inform our way of life.  High elevations create daily and annual patterns that are different from those at low elevations. Northern latitudes experience long low light at the change of day into night. This is a brief moment at the equator.  

I have found myself fascinated by this long low light, the blue hour, the twilight, that informs the northern place where I live.  Twilight is the hour of change.   It can be an exquisitely beautiful time.  When we are in this moment, attuned to the natural world, we know that change can be good.  It depends upon our ability to look forward and address the future. Twilight is the metaphor that speaks to me in these uncertain times.  These paintings that began with my daily sketches, about beauty, hope and possibility in a time of change."

Barbara Amos is a Calgary based visual artist whose projects have involved a variety of materials including paint, steel video textiles, and photography. Her finished works encourage questions about our role in the world and the changes that will make it a better place. Fragmentation is a recurring theme in her artworks and environmental and cultural issues have been the current focus.