Susana Espinoza’s invigorating exploration of colour transforms geometric and intermittent organic elements into meticulously structured, dynamic visual spectacles.

The Calgary based, abstract artist employs a precision of blended pigment with a multi-dimensional layering of superimposed colour to create transparent depth of light and form. An architect of floating hues and subtle definition, Espinoza celebrates the interplay of proportion with a wide-awake appreciation for vivid tableaus and symmetrical design. With hypnotic luminescence each piece presents ethereal, chromatic choreography with harmonic undertones that generate an aura of reflectivity and quiet contemplation. Espinoza’s work instantly draws the viewer into a gem like domain, providing a portal to a place of proficiently arranged juxtaposition and tranquil pictorial serenity. The artist masterfully employs an intuitive sense of shade and contrast generating exhilarating combinations of highly structured silhouettes; the affect is both rigid and free flowing, producing an electrifying representation of literal vs. figurative imagery.


Susana EspinozaThe exploration of color is the driver behind Susana's painting. While dynamic shapes and the power of proportion provide the canvas for this interplay, her work is more about duality; the warm and cool, the light and dark, and how they relate and communicate with one another.


In her work, Susana pushes color pigments to near perfection by relying on her intuitive knowledge of color along with a complex application of mediums and supports.

She describes the outcome as "Floating color", which is created through tireless experimentation with depth of surface. The colour pigments are suspended in a fluid medium, then meticulously superimposed one layer upon another. The result is gem-like transparency and reflectivity.