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  • Welcome to Charlie Easton

    Welcome to Charlie Easton

    Charlie Easton’s vibrant works are an artistic tour of the places one finds it easier to breathe.  Each painted feature seems to expand and contract before the viewer’s eyes, inhaling and exhaling through a telling conversation with nature.  Stripped down to the essential elements, removing all the noise that follows one in their daily life, the artist’s billowing scenes bring the viewer intimately nearer the spaces where one’s heartbeat can be heard from within.  


    “In my work I invite the viewer to come hiking with me, to ski by my side, and to see the same stunning views that get me so excited to be alive! I try to focus all my energy on capturing the most important elements in a scene. Expending energy on anything that gets in the way of the story just isn’t worth it. I paint in a style which mirrors my life motto. Maximum fun, minimum fuss.”


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  • Enjoy a virtual tour of Charlie's and listen while he talks about what inspires and informs each piece (click the arrow beside each work)!

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    The time has come!  After 11 years on 11th Ave, GFA is on its way to its new home in the fast-transitioning Manchester district of southeast Calgary.  Freshly renovated space in the heart of the Barley Belt, plenty of room for all our amazing artists and an inspiring new neighbour, Interior Living.  The combined space creates a unique local destination where we bring together art and design in one location. A must see for anyone who loves both! Oh, and did we mention abundant free parking?!


    Our new address is 523 Cleveland Cres SE - only five km from our current location and just five minutes' drive from Chinook Centre.

    It has been labour of love to design a space that we hope will create a unique new gallery experience for you. We are excited to now welcome you to our new gallery!




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    Whether you’re adding to an existing collection, designing a brand new space, or buying your very first work of fine art, we’re here to help you find the best piece that suits your unique sensibility.

    We also offer artwork rental and leasing services to our corporate clients for short and long-term plans.


    Give us a call. Come to a local event right here in Calgary. Talk to us about our expert consulting, framing & placement services — or stop by our gallery for a personal tour.


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