Gibson Fine Art - Contemporary Gallery | Calgary, AB

Holly Dyrland
February 1 to 22, 2020
  • Holly Dyrland, February Feature Artist

    Holly Dyrland

    February Feature Artist

    GFA welcomes our newest artist to the gallery!  Alberta-based landscape artist Holly Dyrland specializes in a pictorial love affair with the natural beauty of our provinces' rural and alpine regions with vibrant, breathtakingly orchestrated views of the prairies, backcountry roads, mountain lakes and sprawling cerulean skies.

    Using long, expressive, almost rough brush strokes, Dyrland vividly creates a sense of movement, vivacity and excitement in each highly animated, reflective work. With a crisp colour palette and delicate attention to light and contrast, the artist breathes effervescent life into each stunning piece.


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  • Drew Klassen, March Feature Artist

    Drew Klassen

    March Feature Artist

    Non-figurative and abstract artist Drew Klassen paints with a subdued, highly natural colour palette to produce serene, intuitive representations of rolling landscape and globally picturesque vistas.  Visit us in March in the gallery or online to view Drew's latest collection of works.