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  • Drew Klassen: Place | A Collection of Memories

    Drew Klassen: Place | A Collection of Memories

    4 - 24 MARCH 2023
  • Drew Klassen: Place | A Collection of Memories

    Drew Klassen: Place | A Collection of Memories

    4 - 24 MARCH 2023
  • Drew Klassen: Place: A Collection of Memories

    Drew Klassen: Place: A Collection of Memories

    4 - 24 MARCH 2023
  • Drew Klassen, Artist Statement

    Drew Klassen

    Artist Statement

    "Many of my landscape paintings originate from the drive to, from, or around my brother-in-law’s house, near Perth, Ontario. This is why many of my paintings are titled ‘on the way to Dave’s’. As my partner drives to, around, and from Dave’s place, I take photos, that I’ll work from later.‘Place’ seems to suggest afixed point, but for me its meaning is broader - it derives from Greek ‘platea hodos’, meaning ‘broad way’; and Latin ‘platea’ - ‘open space’. For me, a placeis a collection of memories is more than a geographical location. Whether it’s Portugal, London,or a rural Ontario highway, it’s still a place to me, and I paint it.


    With my floral work, I am fascinated with traditional Dutch & Flemish ‘flower pieces’. They are often thought of as simply pretty paintings of flowers, but they are a compacted world - I see them as landscapes. There’s a depth; but at the same time, the bouquet is an object. I ask myself - ‘am I painting anobject, or a view’?"

    Drew Klassen 2023

    "Our Stories" by Janice Tanton and Neepin Auger

  • Janice Tanton (b. 1961) is a senior artist known for her depictions of Canadian iconography. From iconic scenes of Rocky Mountain vistas, cowboys on bucking broncos and elegant Appaloosas, to Indigenous subjects such as the canoe, tipi, totem, buffalo robes and the ‘Trickster’ narrative, Tanton is an artist who captures key signifiers of the Western Canadian cultural fabric. These days, she weaves her love of horses, nature, and Indigeneity into her paintings, themes that have developed from her original works featuring idyllic Victorian homes of her native Ontario.


    Neepin Auger is a Cree artist who uses bright monochromatic colour as a stage for her striking paintings. Meticulously executed in acrylic and, at times gold leaf, Auger integrates geometric patterning into the fabric of her compositions, creating rhythm as a background to her protagonists, whether animal, figurative, or biomorphic, which dramatically occupy the canvas. Through the application of lines and dots in subtle tones, her protagonists whether animals, the human figure or biomorphic entity, are highlighted in the foreground.


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