Connie Geerts


Multidisciplinary artist, Connie Geerts, creates playful, vibrant works with wide, blockish brushstrokes, in an impressionistic style akin to broken up digital imagery.

Geerts, inspired by the inherent beauty of trees and nature, paints contemporary pieces with a vivid colour palette and quick appreciation for form. Devoted to a fluid translucency of colour and a pixelated method of application, the artist’s work is simultaneously simplistically playful and occupied with great depth. Multilayered shades and hues in geometric or liquid like presentation render each of Geerts’ works highly unique, invigorating and spirited. The artist captures a liveliness in her work that captivates viewers but also holds them at a slight distance - not really allowing for wholly clear focus on the imagery portrayed in each piece. By holding viewers ever so slight at bay, Geerts opens up internal space for a constantly changing, individual narrative and an openness to the unrestricted interpretation of the work.


Connie GeertsConnie Geerts was born in 1965 and raised in rural Ontario, Canada. In 1985 she moved to the West Coast where she began her art career.


A passion for nature and a keen sense of colour are the guiding impulses behind Connie's paintings. The Fauvists, Vincent Van Gogh and contemporary painter Wolf Kahn provide some of the inspiration for her brightly hued landscapes. Delicate brush work layered thinly in acrylics created lusciously coloured paintings of unique charm. "Through the use of colour and composition I establish a mood, giving a sense of time and place rather than an accurate representation of a geographical location."


Connie has attended a number of professional development courses to increase her skills and to support her continuing growth as an artist. Now living in Calgary, Alberta, Connie Geerts is a member of the Centennial Gallery and the Calgary Artist's Society.