Calgary based, visual artist Pam Weber is in the business of generating uplifting and incredibly vibrant paintings that tell a whimsical tale through the culmination of the artist’s viewing experience.

Highlighting design, shape and a multifaceted underpainting, to ground each boldly contrasted piece, Weber manifests an inviting realm of memory, fantasy and story with a complexity of surface and a sense of visual play.


Encouraging lingering contemplation, Weber maintains a great respect and appreciation for the individual, emotional reactions to her work. These narratives on home, community and close relationships, elevated through an imaginative and luminous layering of colour, shade and texture, lend to the artist’s paintings a sense of play and escape that draw viewers into a familiar yet often illusory world.


Weber is highly successful in bringing delight to the forefront of the body of her work as well as cohesively and consistently generating mysterious and greatly charming paintings that continue to enchant viewers and collectors alike.


Pam WeberPam Weber was born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario and now resides in Calgary, Alberta. She graduated from the University of Guelph in 1979 having majored in Fine Art.

In 1984 Pam married and moved to Ottawa where she furthered her artistic education by taking classes in lithography and serigraphy from the Ottawa School of Arts. She also studied Graphic Arts at Algonquin College. She was employed as a production artist at a screen-printing business and later worked at a publishing company. In the summer of 1995 she moved to Calgary with her husband and three sons.


Pam has worked in different mediums over the years, notably printmaking and mixed media collage, but she has settled comfortably with acrylic paint. It indulges her love of colour, strong shapes and the play of positive and negative space that are very apparent in her finished works. The vibrancy and versatility of acrylic paint suits her bold, colourful images. “Peaceful landscapes, colourful streetscapes, inviting interiors, and chairs with personality dominate my paper, canvas, tile and boards. My paintings tell a story, but the story told depends on the viewer. My style is a culmination of all I have learned, applied and experimented with over the years.”


Pam Weber has been actively involved with various art groups including the Alberta Society of Artists, Federation of Canadian Artists and the Calgary Artists’ Society. She continues to produce original acrylic paintings for charitable fundraising events, galleries and for the viewing pleasure of her dedicated audience.