Ian Sheldon leverages his diversity of medium and subject with a passion for geographical exploration to create ethereal, wide horizon and big sky paintings that explore a deeper sense of place and colour.

Sheldon's work consistently embraces the natural rolling undertones of emotional response in direct correlation to the inherent nature of weather.  With pieces as brooding and moody but also captivatingly beautiful as the storms the artist chases, Sheldon's work is a mesmerizing interplay between light and dark, calm and chaos.


Masterfully capturing the breakthrough light and solemnity of a storm, Sheldon combines vibrant landscapes with intensely shadowed skylines, expanding on themes of emergence, healing and unexpected release.  


Constantly inspired by his surroundings, Sheldon, whose artist endeavours are as ever changing as the landscapes he paints, maintains a profound respect for an openness to viewers' reactions and interpretations of art generating complex, internal narratives through the presentation of hue, motif and subject matter.


Ian SheldonIan Sheldon is an award-winning, career artist internationally known for his diversity in both medium and subject. This diversity charts an interesting history marked by many career accolades along the way. With more than 20 years of professional representation in the arts, he is sure to have a lasting place in the art world and his work will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

Born in Edmonton, the artist spent formative years in South Africa, Singapore, England and France before graduating from Cambridge and moving back to Alberta in 1995. Sheldon's lifetime of travel shows its influences in the freedom of his art, while his surroundings provide constant inspiration for his ever-evolving artistic endeavours.