Blu Smith creates radiant, abstractionist paintings utilizing a prismatic range of pigments and a creative freedom from the limitations of realism or literal imagery.

Filling canvases with light and vibrant hue in such a way as to achieve a distinctive mood, Smith's work transforms organic and natural subject matter into explosions of shape, colour and translucent form.

Smith's imaginative style is a stimulating twist on the representation of landscape in artistic form, employing an incredibly electrifying contrast of galactic colour. Painting in broad washes and textures and drawing out 3D shapes with structured, incisive line, Smith has developed a very distinguished voice as a contemporary artist providing viewers with an innovative approach to the perception and appreciation of natural scenery.


The artist consistently bridges the gap between formation and space, prominence and distance and releases an artistic autonomy upon pieces which are viewed, not singularly, but rather as part of an ever evolving, large body of work.