Canadian artist Michaela Hoppe’s passionately delightful paintings reflect life, travel and acquaintances met along the way.  A vibrant collection of intensely intimate imagery these snapshots of everyday life and scenery transcend simple moments in time and become dynamic representations of the existence of the eternal and irrepressible beauty all around us.


Sprawling landscapes, bursting skies, hauntingly beautiful boreal forests, glassine like lakes and a rich cast of characters are all expertly highlighted amongst the artist’s varied collections.  Well orchestrated stories unfold before the viewer’s eyes yet there is still profound space to develop individual narratives for each captivatingly rendered piece. 


Hoppe’s highly colourful paintings maintain a crisp sharpness of focus that simultaneously create a loudness of form and yet absolute solemnity in each unique work. With a bold use of contrast and a brooding balance of light and shade, Hoppe manifests stunning pictorial vistas amongst multiple narratives.  These works are a perfect blending of storytelling and visual art – an amalgamation of unspoken word and scenic observation.


Born and raised in small town Biggar Saskatchewan, Michaela has been painting mostly in oil since high school. Largely self-taught and determined to find her artistic voice with a style of art that is partly figurative and partly landscape, Michaela has built a career that is gaining momentum across Canada. 


She draws inspiration for her work from every aspect of her life. Her art reflects her life, the places that she has travelled, the people that she has met. Her settings range from Canadian prairie, to European streetscape, from rivers and mountains to boreal forest, and from Pacific to Atlantic Coast. They often include snapshots of life in a way that allows the viewer to relate it to their own story and experiences, creating a unique narrative for everyone who sees them.


Michaela's painting style is a amalgamation of the techniques she has learned, her observations, and a unique flavor all her own. She enjoys learning from fellow artists and working within a creative community, and loves taking the opportunity to share her love of art by teaching classes to both school students and amateur adults. She is inspired by her two daughters and loving husband who are endlessly supportive of her creative talents and passions.