Neepin Auger


Acclaimed Cree artist Neepin Auger is well known for being both a talented narrator in print and in paint. Creating stunningly beautiful works of art that brilliantly illustrate both the artist’s heritage as well as elements of this storied landscape, Neepin brings forth striking silhouettes set aglow in colour and contrast.

Utilizing a dramatic and dynamic colour palette, Neepin’s energetic pieces are a magnificent representation of elevated simplicity, impactful design and the timelessness of culture and family.  Employing a minimalistic dialogue, the artist’s strong use of line and form lend definition to works that present plentiful tableaus bursting with soulfulness.


Neepin’s lively works are visual song pieces; melodies in paint that both soothe and delight the senses, bringing to life fables, legends, and tradition.  The artist’s work is truly timeless and like the subject matter depicted, remains steeped in magic.


Neepin Auger is a Cree artist, educator, mother and wife. Originally from the Bigstone Cree Nation in Northern Alberta, Neepin has been painting for over twenty years, having studied under her father, Dr. Dale Auger, a renowned Indigenous artist and a member of the Western Showcase Hall of Fame. Neepin graduated with a Bachelor of Education Degree from Mount Royal University, a Master in Education Degree from the University of Calgary and is now a High School Vice Principal. She is also mother to one daughter, whom she believes is her greatest masterpiece. Neepin is also an author and illustrator of the following children’s books: Discovering Animals, Discovering Numbers, Discovering People, and Discovering Words.