Aimy Van Der Linden


Calgary based, mixed media artist, Aimy Van der Linden’s ethereal style is artistically replicated through refined, abstract depictions of the Canadian Rocky Mountains in all their laid bare glory.  Stripping away visual noise, Van der Linden renders down imagery to a base, elemental beauty that truly is the appeal of alpine landscapes.

The artist’s tranquil, almost translucent silhouettes breathily represent a clear passion for the outdoors.  Employing a cool and simplistic palette, bordering on monochromatic, Van der Linden embeds a refined and reflective quality in each individual work lending an almost meditative serenity and profound sense of calm to each piece.


The artist’s style is not only deeply imbued with subtle surrealism, but also a deep, emotional grace that emanates through a luminous body of work.  Van der Linden’s straightforward yet surreal elegance flows through each spacious and vapourous scene creating airy and expansive landscapes which are elevated beyond the ordinary to a place of beautiful, expressionistic familiarity. 



Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  I have been involved with art since a very young age, constantly playing with different mediums and enjoying creating artwork. I am primarily a self-taught artist though I consistently took art courses during my education. Throughout school I was always taking visual arts courses to offset the pressures of education. I won various accolades including scholarships, produced murals, and continued to explore my creative expression as a form of pleasure and release. In university my heart still belonged to art as I pursued a different career path. As an attempt to regain balance in my life after suffering health setbacks I returned to art and exploring nature to find peace and balance in my life.

As request arose for commissions and regular artwork, I decided to pursue art more seriously, which lead to the creation of Aurora Sky Art.  Aurora Sky Art allows me to always continue to have an artistic outlet and to share my passions with the world. When I am not in the mountains hiking, camping , snowboarding, dirt biking, sledding or longboarding you will find me in my studio creating art which is inspired by my experiences in the local mountain ranges. The ideas behind pieces are roused by emotions, experiences, or my adventures in nature. These instances and experiences allow me to tap into my artistic self and share it with you all.