Cheryl Peddie

Cheryl works as a full-time artist in Calgary, Alberta and has been painting in oil for over 20 years in the genre of landscape, urban scenes, and interiors.


The primary inspiration behind all of her work is the depiction of light. That, combined with the seasons and clean sunshine and air of Alberta, allowing her  to tell a different story with each new piece. This diversity in subjust matter keeps her continually inspired and motivated to paint along with the continual interesting light and shadow patterns are the foundation of good design. Cheryl was a  graphic designer prior to moving into fine art, she's had a lifelong interest in creating compelling designs.


In 2014, she began ‘plein air’ painting – painting outdoors from life. It opened her to a new way of seeing and living as an artist. She paints outside year-round, and likes knowing that she's spent time experiencing each location that she paints Even paintings she creates fully in-studio begin with sketching and study outdoors. allowing her to connect me to her work more intimately than if she's just snapped a photo for a reference.