Merging the realms of paint and thread, McKenna captures the soul of her subjects with innovative artistry. Her distinctive blend of classic painting and tactile embroidery crafts a multisensory experience, where each canvas is not only a visual delight but becomes an interactive masterpiece, inviting touch as much as sight.  Prather's creations are a vibrant testament to creative fusion, seamlessly weaving together traditional and modern elements to narrate stories in every texture and hue.

McKenna embarks on a meticulous journey with each painting, carefully layering acrylics upon stretched canvas. This process is not merely about applying paint; it is an exploration of contrast and harmony. Portions of the canvas come alive with striking realism, while others maintain a serene flatness, adorned with patterns that whisper tales of simpler times.


 With delicate precision, embroidery thread is hand-stitched into the canvas. This act does more than just add texture; it bridges the worlds of painting and textile, infusing the artwork with the soul of folk art. These embroidered details are subtle, often eluding the casual observer or the distant viewer. Yet, upon closer inspection, they reveal a hidden universe of detail and care, inviting the viewer into a personal moment with the artwork



McKenna PratherMcKenna Prather is based in Calgary, AB and after obtaining her BFA from Alberta University of the Arts in 2018, she embarked on a full-time freelance career in 2019. Her talent was recognized when she was selected as the Homes by Avi Stampede Rotary Dream Home Artist in both 2019 and 2023. Since then, her collector base has expanded across Canada, propelled by her social media presence and collaborations with local businesses such as Red Door Home Living, Maillot Homes, FivePoint Cannabis, Amanail Boutique, Avenue Health, and Sparrow Artspace.


McKenna dedicates most of the year to creating in her cozy home studio or engaging with the Calgary community. Her activities range from crafting new collections and custom commissions to performing live paintings and organizing painting workshops.


McKenna’s oeuvre primarily encompasses wildlife, landscapes, and still-life, rendered in acrylic on stretched canvas. She employs a unique technique of layering paint, balancing realistic elements with flat or patterned areas. A distinctive aspect of her work involves hand-stitching embroidery thread into the canvas after painting. This intricate process not only enhances texture but also connects her work to textile and folk-art traditions, offering an intimate detail that is best appreciated up close.


The composition process is largely intuitive, with the artist piecing together elements in her mind, layering one color at a time until the entire composition emerges. The color palettes are significantly influenced by the Canadian seasons, with local nature frequently inspiring the subjects.


Deeply inspired by a family of artisans and makers in Newfoundland and Alberta, including painters, knitters, cooks, and craftsmen, McKenna credits her family as her biggest supporters and the catalyst for her artistic career. This familial influence is evident in the intent behind her creations, striving to make each piece contribute to a cozy, happy home, mirroring the ethos of her family's craftsmanship.