Jillaine Jurchuck : Moving Forward

19 October - 9 November 2019

Join us at the Artist Reception Saturday, October 19 from 1 PM to 3 PM.  


Gibson Fine Art presents a stunning, new body of work by Calgary based artist Jillaine Jurchuk titled “Moving Forward.” This incredible, solo exhibition running from October 19th to November 9th will feature Jurchuk’s signature work which celebrates the raw, natural beauty of Alberta’s landscape as well as the unencumbered luminescence of light and sky.

As an artist Jurchuk often removes herself from the bustle of city life to the ever-changing landscapes and big-skies that draw forth her inspiration and individual creativity. Working with a collaboration of photography, metal and paint and a long perfected process, Jurchuk brings pieces to life in a way she believes Mother Nature intended.

Inspired by mountains and endless fields Jurchuk’s entrancingly mindful works exquisitely capture the soothing energies of silence, transformation and tranquility. The artist creates movement through layer upon layer upon layer of imagery, shade and shape making each piece a completely unique manifestation of the artist’s visionary talent. This highly finalised layering effect allows each work to change subtly with alterations in colour and perception depending on light; moving with the day.

Utilizing bold, prismatic hues and a liquidity of line and form atop vibrant images, Jurchuck elevates what is already considerably stunning scenery into an otherworldly yet simultaneously realistic representation of Alberta’s pure, inherent splendour. This body of work upholds Jurchuck’s notoriety for the artful juxtaposition of the natural and the mystical; a striking collection of elemental, seemingly impossibly vistas that perfectly capture the pure spirit of the west.

Jurchuk seeks to inspire others whether that be up and coming artists, collectors or a simple passerby; the aim is to brighten and enlighten and the body of work, “Moving Forward,” is truly a representation of that sentiment.

“Moving Forward,” is inspired by Jurchuk’s own current personal and professional transformations; a process of letting go, moving on, generating acceptance and genuine excitement for the magic of things to come. This highly relatable theme can be fluidly felt in the artist’s work with spectacular pieces that invite viewers to insert and contemplate their own thoughts and emotions. The mesmerizing quality of light that Jurchuk so artfully recreates speaks to the refrains of hope, joy, change and growth; a mood thoroughly permeated into each incredibly hypnotic and uplifting work.

Jurchuk’s solo exhibition opens Saturday, October the 19th with a meet the artist reception from 10am to 1pm. Viewers will be treated to an opportunity to meet this incredible artist and be the first to take in this stunningly beautiful body of work that will be on display at Gibson Fine Art until November 9th.