Lissi Legge


Generating highly engaging works alive with colour, mass and mood, Lissi Legge channels joy, optimism and radiance through paintings which highlight a multiplicity of environments. 

The Calgary based, landscape artist generates vibrant, exceedingly animated paintings utilizing a vivid colour palette indicative of vitality and pastoral celebration.  Holding a moment in time, before the change of light or season, Legge layers colour and subject matter in radiant hues creating work with an almost lucid dreamlike quality.

Legge's lively work artfully conveys a spirit of pleasure and contentment rooting each piece in moving depictions of flora, fauna and golden inspirational landscapes.  Reminiscent of masterworks of the impressionist era, the artist's paintings emphasize bold colour, movement in brush strokes and extraordinarily pleasing substance while firmly capturing the essence of the energy of a quickly diminishing moment.

A tribute to the inherent beauty of nature, Legge's work radiates warmth and solitude and expertly allows viewers to behold the striking natural palette of our ordinary environment in its extraordinary splendour.


lissi LeggeLissi's optimistic and joyful personality is reflected in her vibrant and colourful paintings. Florals, radiant forests, delicate twilights, and prairies skies capture moments in nature that intrigue and delight viewers. Using layers of colour, Lissi expresses variations of light, mass and mood in her subject matter: "People are attracted to my paintings because they capture a quality or moment, and convey the pleasure and satisfaction I find in moving paint around. My oil paintings are inspired by a personal philosophy that is aimed at bringing joy to the heart, and by an optimistic nature which draws inspiration from a multiplicity of environments."


From her home in Calgary, Lissi is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and her work is widely held in both corporate and private collections across Canada.