Drew Klassen: On the way to Dave's (and other places)

14 March - 10 April 2020

GFA is pleased to present “On the Way to Dave’s (and Other Places),” a vibrant and captivating collection of works by Ontario based artist, Drew Klassen.

Drawing inspiration from travels between 1991 and present-day, this latest collection represents a selection of images of favoured scenery with a non-linear storyline. Viewers are transported alongside a visual memoir of the artist’s exploration of places both far and near to home and are called into an intimate assemblage of Klassen’s most stimulating recollections.


Each work a subtle tribute to changing weather and the interest in alteration which only years and seasons can provide, the artist’s work masterfully captures mood and solidifies a long passed moment of light and time. The languid splendour and inherent anticipation of traveling to a promised destination are artfully condensed into each of Klassen’s highly entrancing works, permitting viewers the ability to be transported anywhere and everywhere in the unpretentious and soothing presence of these stunning views.


The interconnectedness of each beautiful work can be profoundly felt through the artist’s strong use of effervescent colour, ethereal form and expressive subject matter. Emotion and memory are utterly transformed into varied, dynamic landscapes; pastoral, woodland, wetland, agricultural – a sprawling ode to the natural splendor of the outdoors.  


This collection of works is a remarkable intake of invigoration and the prickling excitement of adventure and promises to take viewers along a journey; a lulling road trip through place and time.