Drew Klassen: Featured Artist

4 - 24 March 2023

Non-figurative and abstract artist Drew Klassen paints with a subdued, highly natural colour palette to produce serene, intuitive representations of rolling landscape and globally picturesque vistas.


Effortlessly moving between completely non-representational and lightly impressionistic works, Klassen’s paintings highlight subtle contrast, orchestrated chaos and the harmonic intermingling of environmental elements with, each piece an exploration of light, substance and form. With a slightly moody use of undertone and subject matter, Klassen gently manifests a sense of deep calm and majesty in each highly engaging work.


The combination of geometric and organic shape provides a comforting yet unexpected juxtaposition of primary imagery in works that reverberate an air of deep harmony and quietude. Using broad, gracefully sweeping brushstrokes the artist employs static line and moving substance to generate wide open, easy viewing depictions of pastoral scenes. These Canadian and international panoramas captivate viewers through the application of shade, hue and gently texturized medium, presenting an expansive, dynamic narrative on scenery.