Janice Tanton & Neepin Auger: Featured Artists

1 - 21 April 2023

We are pleased to feature both Janice Tanton and Neepin Auger.


Janice Tanton is a highly acclaimed, multidisciplinary, Canadian painter that demonstrates the exceptional gift of effortlessly communicating an extensive variety of reflective narrative and story through art.  Exploring the reconciliation of a wide gamut of multiplicity within her social and personal environments, Tanton's work has garnered a highly lauded reputation for its resonance with viewers.  Deeply thoughtful pieces cover a broad variation of theme while remaining firmly grounded in the artist's profound appreciation for cross-cultural relationships.


Neepin Auger is an acclaimed Cree artist known for being both a talented narrator in print and in paint. Neepin’s lively works are visual song pieces; melodies in paint that both soothe and delight the senses, bringing to life fables, legends, and tradition.  Neepin’s energetic pieces are a magnificent representation of elevated simplicity, impactful design and the timelessness of culture and family.