Aimy Van Der Linden: Featured Artist

22 April - 5 May 2023

Calgary based, mixed media artist, Aimy Van der Linden’s ethereal style is artistically replicated through refined, abstract depictions of the Canadian Rocky Mountains in all their laid bare glory.  Stripping away visual noise, Van der Linden renders down imagery to a base, elemental beauty that truly is the appeal of alpine landscapes.


The artist’s style is not only deeply imbued with subtle surrealism, but also a deep, emotional grace that emanates through a luminous body of work.  Van der Linden’s straightforward yet surreal elegance flows through each spacious and vapourous scene creating airy and expansive landscapes which are elevated beyond the ordinary to a place of beautiful, expressionistic familiarity. 


Join us on April 29, from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM for a live painting demo with Aimy Van Der Linden.