Connie Geerts: Feature Artist

15 - 29 March 2014

Artist's Statement: Particles and Bicycles
My style of painting has led me to contemplate the idea that we, and everything around us are made of vibrating particles. It's a scientific fact that particles vibrating at a certain wave length will attract others vibrating at the same wave length.

In a more "new age" way of speaking, we attract people and things to our sphere that share our vibration, whatever that may be.

In this latest series of paintings, I've used the bicycle as a metaphor for the idea of travelling through life. As with riding a bike, we pick our own path, not limiting ourselves to only the roads most travelled. Silhouettes obscure the points of separation between one thing and another in these images. We become one and the same vibration as our companions on the same path as we share purpose and goals with them.