Rachelle Kearns: Lux

7 - 21 December 2013

Solo Show, Gibson Fine Art, Dec. 7-21, 2013

The consistent thread that flows through my work is light: it's reflection, how it interacts in an environment, and how it makes one think & feel. I am captivated by light that dances on a waters' surface, or penetrates through a bunch of dense leaves, or casts a shadow in its absence. Although light itself is constant and measureable, the way it touches an object is elusive, full of movement, ever changing, and this ephemeral quality of light intrigues me. I am also keenly interested in observing and documenting how colour subtly shifts with the passing of time. Historically, my subject matter has focussed on inspiration from nature and the outdoors. In recently years I have studied indoor light, where it is confined by interior walls and space, exploring how it shifts and changes as you move through a room. Like a fish in water, light is the intangible medium through which we experience so much. It connects us to physical objects and has the power to colour our emotional reaction in a space. Using the chandelier as my subject, these paintings are interpretations of how each form interacts with the space where it is contained. In my work, light is often used as a metaphor for truth or revelation or knowledge. With a worldview that clings to faith, hope and love, each painting has its own ethereal beauty.

Rachelle Kearns, 2013