David Zimmerman: Feature Artist

9 - 23 March 2013

David Zimmerman's art is shaped by a life spent residing and creating in rural Alberta and his work reflects this experience as well as the urban environment only a short-drive away from his home. In his work, Zimmerman uses colour and line, and a combination of media to create an illusion of sorts by painting layer upon layer - allowing for the impression of depth and an inner glow. The finished pieces are translucent and reflective and will appear to transform as the light shifts.

An avid mountain biker and camper, the contours and wide expanses of Canada's western landscape have been his space to explore and discover. This sense of discovery through adventure is always with David, whether he is holding a brush, reading a book, or engaged in conversation. David currently lives in Bragg Creek with his wife, Tara, and their four kids.