Eleanor Lowden: New Works

18 August - 1 September 2012

GFA is pleased to be featuring an exciting new collection of works by Calgary-based Eleanor Lowden Pidgeon. Eleanor studied fine art at The University of Western Ontario, and has taken courses at the Ontario College of Art and the Alberta College of Art and Design. She also spent time as a concurrent student at the University of California San Diego studying Graphic Design. She is a member of the Alberta Society of Artists, the Calgary Artists' Society and an active member in the Federation of Canadian Artists.


Artist Statement
"My fascination with the figure continues to intrigue and inspire me in my painting.

I have spent time recently in New York City, where I was surrounded by opportunities to watch people at their daily activities. My favorites were the crowds at Grand Central Station where I spent time just photographing everyone coming and going. We share universal experiences when we are in a group dynamic. If there are just 2 people the relationship is clearer, but when a 3rd person or more enters the scene everything becomes more complicated. This body of work explores the universal experiences of these scenarios.