Sheila Kernan : I have something to say!

15 November - 7 December 2019

Please join us for the artist reception Friday, November 15 from 6 PM to 9 PM.


Gibson Fine Art presents a new collection of works by the amazingly talented, Calgary based artist Sheila Kernan, “I Have Something to Say!” This dynamic body of work firmly captures Kernan’s emulation of joy and an exploration of a love for beautiful and complicated things while opening up a conversation about just what it is that art is here to say.


Representing Kernan’s signature style and pictorial descriptions of environment and conjured cities this assemblage of new works invites viewers to visually absorb what the artist has built into each distinctive piece with unspoken words.  Kernan masterfully tells an exceptional story using the language of form, texture, light, pattern, depth and raw energy to entrance and engage.  It is through the artist’s work that intrinsic emotions, memories and individual narratives develop before a viewer’s eyes.  What it is that the work has to say becomes a wonderful collaboration between the artist and the viewer; a beautiful and complicated thing.


Consistently attracted to architectural forms and the energy they emulate, Kernan employs a multi-dimensional use of pattern, vibrant colour and thick, impasto brush strokes to artfully build imaginary places and spaces inspired by travel, recollections and self-discovery.   The ambiguity and fictional roots of the artist’s vistas generate a gateway into a place that is at once a story woven in paint and the exploration of the viewer’s internal perspective.


Kernan’s soulful work is an exclusive combination of calming, restorative energy and an almost electric spontaneity of creative inspiration.  Kernan’s world is constantly speaking to her and in taking in these works there is a very apparent sense that Kernan has mastered the ability to manifest life into elevated art. Art and life become one; art speaks to life - life speaks to art.  This multifaceted flow of conversation between creativity and reality is consistently echoed in Kernan’s lively layering of texture and dimension in the artist’s works.


As Kernan herself maintains, art always has something to say and in the matter of Kernan’s work what that something is, is a very unique depiction of the artist’s interconnectedness to both life and art. These works are an elegant synergy of Kernan’s surroundings, creativity, experiences and highly playful energy proficiently infused with space for viewers to introduce their own stories. Kernan invites you to explore what it is the artist has to say in conjunction with inward reflection on what it is we all, ultimately, have to say.


Kernan’s solo exhibition opens Friday, November the 15th with a meet the artist reception from 6 to 9 pm.  The artist will be in attendance and viewers will have the opportunity to be the first to take in this incredible, new body of work.  “I Have Something to Say!” will be on display at Gibson Fine Art until December.