Bigoudi: Wanderings in the Field

6 - 21 July 2012

GFA is pleased to announce the exhibition of a selection of large scale paintings by Canmore-based encaustic artist Bigoudi during this year's Calgary Stampede.

If unfamiliar with Bigoudi's work, one could say that she stands with one foot in a field analyzing farm animals with her camera, and the other in her contemporary art studio studying different ways she could depict these individual creatures.


Many of Bigoudi's images appear on a single surface, others are deconstructed on multi-panels. Her painted animals illustrate just how similar psychology and posturing can be between ourselves and these creatures…cows, horses, roosters and bison seem to be floating, frozen on a surrealistic setting - a retro wallpaper motif, a polka dot background or a combination of colourful stripes, making each piece an exploration of the two worlds (human and the animal) with infinite crossovers.