New Artist Introduction | Michaela Hoppe

13 - 21 April 2020
  • The Unspoken Word and Scenic Observations

  • Welcome Michaela Hoppe

    Welcome Michaela Hoppe

    Born and raised in small-town Biggar Saskatchewan, Michaela has been painting mostly in oil since high school. Largely self-taught and determined to find her artistic voice with a style of art that is partly figurative and partly landscape, Michaela has built a career that is gaining momentum across Canada. 


    She draws inspiration for her work from every aspect of her life. Her art reflects her life, the places that she has traveled, the people that she has met. Her settings range from Canadian prairie to European streetscape, from rivers and mountains to boreal forest, and from Pacific to Atlantic Coast. They often include snapshots of life in a way that allows the viewer to relate it to their own story and experiences, creating a unique narrative for everyone who sees them.

  • Hoppe's works are a perfect blending of storytelling and visual art - an amalgamation of the unspoken word and scenic observation. 

    "When I was a child my favourite way to play was find a wide-open green space, climb the nearest tree and pretend that I was a fairy.  I think it's safe to say that this spirit of whimsy has crept into my choice of subject matter!  With my work, I strive to create a piece that brings you back to this feeling of whimsy, of a simpler time in life when and where you could also kickoff your shoes and run around in your bare feet."


  • Hoppe's works are well orchestrated stories that unfold before the viewer's eyes yet there is still profound space to develop individual narratives for each captivatingly rendered piece.  

    "With my work I hope to communicate that time you were wandering around the backroads and you looked up and saw the amazing and rapidly changing colourful prairie sky.  Or that time, close to harvest, when you were driving by an open field and you watched the barley dance as it stood tall and rippled with the wind.   Now more than everwork, at the heart of it, my work is meant to be about communicating moments in time, and the feelings from those snapchaps of play, adventure, exploration and love -- all the good stuff!"


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