Janice Tanton: Ponokamitaa - The Spirit Of The Horse

3 - 19 July 2014

JANICE TANTON "PONOKAMITAA - THE SPIRIT OF THE HORSE" Artist Talk, Sat July 12 at 2pm Janice's latest collection celebrates the relationship between man, horse, spirit and the land in keeping with the artist's cross-cultural experience with her adopted Blackfoot family. Ponokamitaa means "Elkdog" in Blackfoot. The horse was as big and as strong and graceful like an elk (Ponoka), but with the social relationship of a dog (Mitaa), and more than able to do the work of a dog around the camps. It is said that the spirit of horses are healing and sacred. Please join us on Saturday, July 12th at 2pm to learn more about Janice's work in an opening celebration and Artist's Talk