William (Bill) Brownridge: Hometown Launch of New Children's Book & Art Show

14 December 2019

Meet the Artist and Book Signing:  2 to 4 PM.


Celebrated and widely-admired Canadian artist and author William Brownridge enjoys renown as a hockey artist who captures the pure, ecstatic joy of the game and the crisp beauty of Canadian winters.

Brownridge’s heavily textured work utilizes an incredibly dynamic colour palette to showcase the gleeful movement of young players amid the starkness and luminosity of the northern winter. In the open-air games he portrays, Brownridge combines thick, impasto dabs of paint as a base for each idyllic scene and then softly highlights characters whose colourful attire speaks to the joyfulness of the sport.  With every stroke, Brownridge solidifies his distinction as perhaps Canada’s premier hockey artist. As intricate a character as his own work, Brownridge has been fascinated with wintertime outdoor play since his prairie childhood. Brownridge's life challenges embody the spirit of a seasonal outdoor game that is at the very core of Canadian culture. Each of his creations is as relatable and comforting as any small-town community pond or ice surface: truly a reflection of our "heart of hockey."


Refreshments Served.