Verne Busby: Featured Artist

14 January - 3 February 2023

Verne Busby’s work presents a narrative on the unencumbered beauty of Alberta’s countryside through the use of sweeping line and form and multi layered harmonic hues.


Robust brush strokes and soft lines create harmony through discord - a theme reflective of the natural contrasts found in the subject matter Busby’s work continues to celebrate. Bringing to life the abstract glory of the change of seasons, the artist’s work focuses on shifting daylight and the movement of the eye. Drawing viewers into a world of landscape and memories, Busby skillfully employs a use of daring perspective and depth while capturing the prismatic colour palette of autumn leaves, fields from above and nature in all its temperate splendour.


Busby’s transitory images, created from a visceral point of view, provide a catalyst for internal reflection and contemplation. These masterful reflections on form and space demonstrate an instinctual awareness of impressionistic perception and an expressive consideration of deeply textured imagery.