Jillaine Jurchuk


The work of Jillaine Jurchuk is as mindful as the artist herself, with ethereal warmth radiating from each uniquely hypnotizing piece of fine art which she creates.

Often presented through a dappled filter of liquid and light, Jurchuk gracefully extends an invitation to partake in an invigorating manifestation of the calming world evoked by each of her distinctive pieces. Masterfully recreating the magic hour of lingering light, the artist provides the viewer with the possibility of renewal, tranquility and awakening. Using a synergy of photography and painting, Jurchuk reveals a gateway through which to escape within an environment of almost fluid luminescence and perspective, playing tribute to the inherent, effortless beauty of Alberta’s landscape. At once literal and non-figurative, the artist exquisitely renders the raw, natural splendour of the surrounding mountains and countryside into elevated, elemental imagery that creates an impression as lasting and breathtaking as the light so artfully captured in her works.


Jillaine Jurchuk

Artist Statement

"It is my belief that the appreciation of the natural beauty that surrounds us, along with the gift of giving to one another, is an authentic human want for leading a happy and healthy life. With that intent in mind, I passionately create pieces that challenge the opening of our eyes to the limitless possibilities that envelop us each and every day."


After graduating, Jillaine followed the call of the west, settling in Calgary, where she continues to flourish and evolve as a working artist. After 18 years of building a remarkable portfolio of projects significantly shaped by her gifted approach to interior design, 2011 was the seminal year in which Jillaine's expanding talent could no longer be contained in and defined exclusively by this creative career path, and she emerged on the art scene, where she is blossoming as an artist in her own right, with a unique style that continues to develop a strong following. The magic of her gift is discovered in her ability to create works of striking beauty through the fusion of photography and painting. Each piece has its genesis in an original photograph in which Jillaine has captured a rare moment in which mother nature shares a spontaneous revelation of exquisite beauty, for those with eyes that see and hearts that feel. This visual image of transcendent is then placed in the nurturing oyster of Jillaine's creative genius, where the application of multiple painting techniques and photographic layers results in the emergence of an artistic pearl of great price, in which the viewer can experience enhanced perspectives range and depth, nuanced tones, and evocative textures found within each piece. The confluence of nature and technology provides the artist with an open palette, delivering endless possibilities and influences that combine to making each piece a unique work of art that will continue to be treasured and revisited, like an old friend with whom we experience constant renewal, comfort and joy.


Jillaine is also a huge supporter of making a positive impact in the world. Not only does she donate pieces and/or her time to various organizations and committees, she also takes a percentage from pieces sold and donates to the charity/fundraiser that touches her heart for that year.


Currently, her work graces the walls of many private and corporate collections throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, and New Zealand.