Jim Park


Jim Park captures an infinity of natural details in a single frame creating images that appear to be ever moving and ever changing, much like the seas, lakes and forests which the artist paints.

Park’s works are windows into a natural world that we all long to pull in a little closer. The realism of the artist’s work combined with the smallness of the highlighted scope draws viewers into pieces that become thriving with sound; one can almost hear the crashing of the sea, the gentle babble of calmer waters or the wind gently blowing through trees and mountains. 


Utilizing cool, haunting hues or warm, enveloping tones Park expertly captures the evocative serenity of the sea, the chameleon like quality of water and the endless swirling surface of a marine world.  Foam, spray, surf and light are perfectly juxtaposed in the artist’s almost mosaic like renditions of coastal beauty and landscapes.